Hong Kong is home to many structural curiosities, cultural quirks, natural fascinators but the most enduringly whacky (for South Asians) are its culinary delights and the pervasive fish smell. Street corners, alleys, lanes, housing blocks, Condos, sea front, up the hill and down, any where and every where and you know you are in fish country.

Searched through my archives and there they were…. dried, pickled, squirming, fresh of the water and on to the table.marinated, grilled, painted……

For me Hong Kong was a fascinating culinary fishy journey, tasting few.. grilled or steamed, in Dim Sums, fried Fish Balls from Food carts, prawns and crabs but never the multiple legged crawlies or the serpentine variety. Preferred taking pictures though.


Dried Fish somewhere in Shueng Wan street
Wall Art

5 responses to “FISHTALES – HONG KONG”

  1. A culinary journey indeed. What wondeful photography. Colour and sights! I can imagine being there. Thanks for joining in with the Friendly Friday challenge.

  2. Wow Indra – you really covered the gamut with this one. Love the image of the chef with his many varieties ready to serve.

  3. Incredible markets! So much colour and variety. The photos make me feel as if I am wandering with you!

  4. I have more.šŸ˜Š. First time I was seeing fish in different forms or ā€˜avatarsā€™.