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Boat Tales

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge…..Boats ….”Row…Row…row your boat merrily down the stream’…..

Victoria-by-the-Sea a quaint, idyllic fishing village on the southern shores of Prince Edward Island. . This is the place to go when ‘you truly want to get away from it all’.


Hong Kong …..Why not sail a ‘Junk’ ..a traditional Chinese wooden sailboat dating back to the Han Dynasty.

Toronto: Waterfront….. HTO Park…waiting

Allahabad, India: Enjoy the serenity of river Ganges

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  1. All great pics. I love the serenity on the Ganges. Looks fabulous. My plan too is to try out Victoria-by-the-Sea. I haven’t been to PEI yet, but it’s on my list.

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