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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cee’s FFCe: Week 5–Pick a Topic from this Photo


Wheels, the large variety have always fascinated me and the secret is I admired them from a distance. I would hide from my brothers and cousins whenever we happened to visit a Fair and no amount of cajoling or bribing, candies and icecream, would make me step near the carousel. Here are a pair of big ones and the ‘smile’ of spinning colors.

Hong Kong…..The Perfect Ten (with IFC tower alongside). The Observation Wheel or HKOW is a 60 meter Ferris Wheel located at HarbourFront…Central Hong Kong. Friends vouched that it is an exhilirating 15 minute spin in air-conditioned comfort. There are 42 Gondolas with leather seats and clear glass bottom floor. 8 people can enjoy a ride together and if any one wants an exclusive ride then there are VIP gondolas too. The view of the waters and Kowloon is an added bonus.( took this pic a few years back)

Coney Island, New York…The Wonder Wheel is a 150 foot tall eccentric Ferris wheel. Good I did not try it out as its passenger cabins are not attached to the rim of the Wheel but slide independently along winding sets of rails between rim and hub. The reason…it was constructed in 1920 but is still running in 2020. I visited Coney island in the summer of 2011

Sanya….. the smile says it all. This is on a beach of Wuzhizhou Island, popular for its coral reefs and favored destination for scuba diving and water sports. Sanya or Hawaii of China, is a city on southern end of Hainan Province, China, and famous for its beaches, Yalong Beach for its luxury hotels, and tourist attractions (2010 visit).


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  1. So many beautiful Ferris wheels to be seen around the world. I love the joy in the face of the child in your final photo. It warmed my heart.

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