Rain decor

In May 2019 the Western Ghats, the mountainous plateau west of India, covering 140,000 square kilometers, were  an uninspiring country backdrop as we drove from Pune to Mumbai for an international flight

Four months later, in October, was a contrast as emerald green peaks and valleys flashed past enticing us to relax, to break journey. From the cold climes of Canada, where snow was beginning to flash in, the greenery was a welcome respite. 

Nature’s bounty


2 responses to “Rain decor”

  1. Are the Ghats an ancient lava flow?

  2. Checked on Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Ghats and this is what I got. It extends all the way from south to Gujarat.
    Age of rock
    Type of rock
    Basalt, Laterite and Limestone