Hong Kong …..Walks

Hong Kong is…crowded, colourful, pristine, naturally green, temple-d….. the list could go on. You know you are in Hong Kong when you come across permanent fixtures of a city that surprisingly is always on the move.

Revisiting on a short break, May 7-17, 2018, I stood captivated by a city that ‘is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time’. ( Peter Geddes) .

It is said that familiarity breeds indifference but to me it is the familiar that inspires longevity. (https://wp.me/pGCLq-17q)

Hong Kong icons that defy change.

1. Tin Hau Temple, Temple Street, Yau Ma Tai, Kowloon: The Tin Hau Temple (1864) dedicated to Goddess of the Sea Tin Hau stands tall in midst of crowded streets, traffic jams, butcher shops, dried seafood stores, old and new housing estates, markets and eating places. When once it faced the serene waters it is now land borne thanks to successive reclamation of land in the city. The large square, shaded by enormous Banyan trees, is an oasis for tourists and believers. Inside the temple ornate shrines to Tin Hau and Bay Gong , God of Justice reassure the worshippers.

2. Elements, Kowloon Station: Unavoidable if taking the Airport Express train from Hong Kong Airport to the city. The train stops at Kowloon Station before proceeding to Hong Kong. Zoom up the escalators to what is a humongous shopping paradise named after the five elements of nature. To me the choice is between the rooftop Civic Square to the designers stores in the middle. The view from Civic Square is what the doctor ordered for a tension free day as the surrounding view is spectacular. The ‘bricked long-legs’ are stalking you on this roof rendezvous, the ICC/Ritz Carlton Hotel, residential estates at Kowloon Station and other vertical construction.

Morning/afternoon/evening from office centric to family centric it is the place to lounge around, enjoy drinks and food, and must visit this side of the harbour.

3. Causeway Bay: Follow the crowd and loose your way in the busiest area of Hong Kong

vtrails.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/fullsizerender-2.jpg”> Hong Kong Icon…the tram …the ding-dings


4. Food and Fruits are the lifeline.

If you have a niggling doubt that there is something more….. then climb the stairs.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong …..Walks

  1. Hong Kong is quite the city, a blend between the traditional and modern. Lovely shots that represent both realms, the old and the new. It is interesting to see the city bustling from day to night. Any time of the day there is something to do, something to see, something to eat.

  2. There’s no doubt of its dynamism, Indra. I think I’d be happiest on the water, or up on Victoria Heights. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me.

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