Travelscapes—Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick

June 10-18, 2017…road tripping from Halifax, Nova Scotia crisscrossing the previously unknown (to me) land past idyllic countryside, coastlines, national parks (Cape Breton) and settler cities, Pictou, Victoria-by-the-Sea to Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, Anne Of Green Gables fictional setting, Confederation bridge connecting the Island to New Brunswick for an unknown fantabulous experience at the Bay of Fundy. (will be writing more about this). Prince Edward Island is from where it all began and as Canada celebrates its 150 years I can say I have been a witness to its birth.

Lunenberg historic town, Nova Scotia
‘Anne of Green Gables’ cottage

Halifax Waterfront

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  1. Hi Indra. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m presuming it’s this post for my Monday walks? The link in my comments doesn’t work, but I’ll include your post in my next walk. Sounds like another grand adventure.

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