Every year March 8 is speeches, citations, resolutions, discussions. This year was no different …. and life continues.

I talk with my domestic help, our market place vegetable seller and the person who irons our clothes ( a plus of staying in India). They do not talk about equality, with men or rich women, but getting the basics in life…food, clothing, education and shelter and are happy when these shelves are full. They go about their work, their duties, living for each day and  similar to counterparts around the world…. contended in their limited parameters.

Some  faces clicked on my China travels…..

Our serenading gondola woman in Zhujiajiao water town, 50 km from Shanghai. She insisted on singing to us and we agreed as her music added mystery to the meandering canals.

Live models selling ‘wedding dreams’ in a market in Sanya, China

Food Thoughts….