Weekly Writing Challenge- Fifty

Suddenly he felt static. A thousand plus eyes positioning darts on him. Maybe he was rattling off too many promises. So what? It is a do or die election and if he cannot make it to New Delhi in 2014 he will never be able to do so again. Continue….

This is my 50 word take on the Indian general election, 2014, the massive, mammoth vote churner at its vitriolic best. The aspiring ‘Netas’ or leaders and professionals are taking a cue from Ice hockey, after all the free learning junkets, deking between their opponents tying them in knots and squares.

I will be casting my vote in favor of stability or should I mark ‘none of above’ in the candidates list. India is the only democratic country to offer this option.*

*. From Wikipedia ….”None of the above” voting option (Negative Vote).

On September 27, 2013, Supreme Court of India pronounced a judgement that citizen’s of India have Right to Negative Vote by exercising None of the above(NOTA) option in EVMs and ballot papers. …..However it does not mean that if ‘NOTA’ gets highest votes then election will be conducted again, rather even in that case the candidate who got more votes among all will be treated as elected candidate.


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