Macao- The Morning After

The Sin City or The City of Dreams…..luminous, sanguine, selling fortune and fame to a select few.

Macau at night is the alter ego of Las Vegas best represented by the imposing Venetian Macao, the neon lights and crowds of casinos, the pulsating beats of  clubs, cabarets and shows, the deluge of night clubs and oomph hostesses, the awed tourist from Mainland China, the world traveler on a tour junket, the wannabe history and architecture buff, the foodies on a Macanese cuisine trip.

Morning is when revelers and gamblers sleep and the streets and markets replenish for the night out.

A night of revelry, false hopes and broken promises camouflaged by the morning light…. A breather for a another night of sin

Morning is also the time to appreciate this former Portuguese colony, clinging onto its European connections. Morning belongs to antiquity…the Chinese connection that dates back to Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC), when Macau was under the Panyu county, present day Guangdong, jurisdiction. The early settlers belonged to the Southern Song Dynasty fleeing the invading Mongols followed by fishermen of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 AD) from Guangdong and Fujian provinces and now there is an unending queue from different corners of the country..


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  1. Have they left much of the antiquity? I’m no expert, but I gather the Chinese are particularly ruthless when it comes to tearing down old streets and buildings.

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