Waugh Bat Bridge-Houston Sunday Post-Silence

This is in response to Jakesprinter Sunday Post-Silence http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/

When there is a crowd it is difficult to imagine silence, but there was not a squeak or a cough as we waited for nearly 250,000 Mexican Free-tail bats living in the crevices throughout the Waugh Drive Bridge to emerge at sunset.

The Waugh bridge spans Buffalo Bayou between Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive and the daily emergence is a annual tourist attraction. The Houston bats, unlike their peers across Texas, do not migrate to warmer climes, preferably Mexico, during the winter months.

We were squatting on the slopes of the bayou beneath the Montrose Waugh Bridge Road, waiting for the sun to dim its light.  Any small flying mammal was enthusiastically clicked. The twilight hours gave way to darkness and still no sign of the bat army. The lone flyer, excitement around, probably checking the human force must have vetoed the idea of humoring the tourists. Disappointed we had to call it a day


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