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 Hong Kong – July 1, 2012 Fireworks

I joined the crowds on Tsim Sha Shui promenade for the fireworks display from Victoria Harbor, capturing a few shots for my photo album.

July 1st is the hand over day when Hong Kong celebrates the transfer of power from Britain to China on July 1st. 1997.

2012  is extra special being the 15th year and what appears to be a dream run as a restless, vibrant and fabulous place to live, work and visit. Fears of  communist rule, of tanks rolling down Queen’s Road proved wrong and the people who had migrated to western countries, Australia and New Zealand have since returned to the ‘Fragrant harbor’ to participate in its future plans.

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6 replies

  1. Love the fireworks!

  2. Lovely – I especially love all the colors in the second from the bottom!!

  3. I wish I had captured more

  4. Beautiful shots, that third one looks like fairy dust! xxx Ailsa

  5. Hong Kong is treated to three spectacular fireworks…New Years, Chinese New Years and 1st July

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