Discovery Bay…..surrealy real

Discovery Bay …. an enjoyable, insightful afternoon walking around the renovated Plaza, the hub of public recreational activities.  The situational ambience makes up for the soaring temperatures as we admire the stores. Out of the Plaza and the Golf carts, provide the surreal, rolling down green patches transporting passengers to fast encroaching housing.

Lunched at Zaks, an alfresco dining experience not to be missed.  Zaks is one of the restaurants of the Water Margin, next to Ferry Pier, offering an international menu spiced with spectacular sea view.

DB is a pet friendly island with pedigrees running on the beach or walking their owners.  Other amenities on Discovery Bay include  a privately owned beach and membership clubs including a Golf Club and a Marina Club, (people live on yachts anchored in the Marina), bicycle tracks and hiking paths connecting to Trappist monastery and Mui Wo.   

Ambled along the green patches and the beach, scooping up pine cones and listening to homing birds probably complaining of increasing human presence.

Discovery Bay should soon be tagged ‘Discovered’ Bay counting the disembarking passengers on the 7 p.m. ferry.

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